My Family is the Reason I Need to Blog

My Family is the Reason I Need to Blog


This is a story of a struggling mom. Struggling to keep up with life and responsibilities. It starts with the kids and ends with losing the baby weight and everything in between. I am a stay at home mom for two little boys. They are very busy running around, climbing on everything. They fight with each other when I am around but play well when I leave the room. I always feel like I don't have time to do anything other than taking care of them. Still, there are lots of things I want to do. I have been contemplating the idea of blogging for a while but it didn't seem like there is much to say. Until my older son, who is almost 3, feels that it is so much fun to paint the carpet with diaper rash cream. I remember how stunned I was with the mess! it was everywhere. He was so proud and so happy to show me what he had done. It's those moments where I should write about it and see if other people had to go through the pain of scrubbing diaper rash cream off the carpet. If you did then you know it is not a simple task and if not hide your cream somewhere that is really high.

I am writing this blog to share some stories to get some advice and feedback. I do the best I can but with parenting, you never know how they will turn out. I describe parenting the way we Arabs describe marriage. It's like a watermelon, you don't know how it will turn out until you open it. In other words, I don't know how my kids will turn our until they are older. I totally understand that the way I linked them doesn't necessarily make sense. For me for some unexplained reason, it does. I will do the best I can but until they grow up I don't know how they will turn out. It's nature vs nurture. I don't know what they will encounter in their lives. I can try to equip them with the best tools I know off to handle situations. How they ultimately decide to take it care of it and deal with it will be up to them.

I would like to share some recipes and hobbies that I enjoy and try to squeeze in during the days. Recipes that are successful with my kids and others that are yummy.

This blog is for you if you are:

  1. A fellow parent who is as confused as much as I am and would like the comfort of know you are not alone. My house is very messy all the time too. Sometimes I wonder what is the point of trying to clean it. I mean before I am even done they already messed it up again. My kids think about it as a challenge or a race. Can we mess it up fast enough before she is done the cleaning? and as Barney used to say in "How I am Met Your Mother" Challenge accepted.
  2. A fellow parent who is looking for a supportive parenting community. I will be here to listen and offer advice if asked and hope this will be reciprocated. We parents have to stick together. Things we deal with every day can take a toll on a person. It really helps to share and have someone listen and be there for you.
  3. It is for you if love Middle Eastern food. I will share my Lebanese recipes and Egyptian ones. In Lebanon, I come from a very small village. Some of the recipes will not be very common or well known but will definitely be worth a try.
  4. If you enjoy crocheting or have something in mind you would like to custom order.
  5. If you are struggling to lose weight. This is like parenting in the sense that it is good to have support. It is good to know you are not alone. Talking to other people and seeing what worked for them and what you are willing to try.
  6. It is for you if you are just looking for entertainment. Toddler stories can be frustrating for the parents sometimes. They are entertaining for anyone that doesn't need to clean the resulting mess. Joe makes me laugh on daily bases. He is growing so much and using all these terms in a way I never expected him too.
5 ways croissant cakes made me a better Parents

5 ways croissant cakes made me a better Parents