5 ways croissant cakes made me a better Parents

5 ways croissant cakes made me a better Parents

There was a time when I could easily remember things. I was good at memorizing birthdays. If my husband asked me to remind him of a specific task, I always did. Then something happened. I got pregnant twice and that lead to “pregnancy brain” followed by “mother's brain”. Needless to say, it's gone! What was once a normal unappreciated part of me has become a superpower I wish I have. My brain is so scattered. If it was not attached to my head, I would not even know where to look for it. 

Saturdays are our busiest day of the week. My youngest (Bill) wakes up around 5:30 AM and my oldest son (Joe) wakes up between 7:00 to 7:30 AM. I make breakfast and feed them then we wake my husband (Abe) up around 10:30 AM. We call family overseas. That usually takes about a couple of hours between both of our families. Then we start rushing to get everybody ready to go for lunch. After lunch, we go to do an activity with the kids. As much as I would love to pretend that this is where the day ends, it does not. After the activity, we usually go to get some groceries. Finally, we come back home and start putting the kids to bed. At this point, I am usually too lazy to bother putting the groceries away. Either I will relax for a little bit before attempting to do so or I will put only the things that need refrigeration and go to bed.


That Saturday, we ended the outing at Costco. I was excited to buy a box of frozen croissants! I love freshly baked bread. I woke up Sunday rushing downstairs to get some croissants out to thaw and bake. I could not find the box in the freezer anywhere. I started doubting myself: "Did we even buy one or was it just a dream?". I looked around and it was still there sitting all night on the kitchen floor inside the big recyclable bag. Saturday was such a long day that I had completely forgotten to put the box in the freeze. All the croissants have thawed and are now one big dough. I was still determined to have freshly baked yummies. I decided to make them into a cake, a croissant cake. As you can see it was beautiful. I do have to admit there were issues. The center did not get cooked at all even though I tried to bake it again. For some reason, there was always uncooked dough. Eventually, I had to toss it but not before we got to nibble on the cooked parts.

This croissant mishap pointed out few things I need to see and be aware of.

  • I am Tired:

As parents, we are always thinking of our kids and their happiness. It is a great thing but it's not the best thing. When I was contemplating sleep training I read something in a book that I am always aware of now. If you are a tired mom you are not a good mom. For me, this makes total sense. I see it every time I get mad at Joe because I am just too tired to deal with a toddler who wants to play. I try to find time for myself every now and then. A parenting book, I read, pointed out that it is important for the kids to see you making time for yourself. It is important for them to know not to take you for granted. Your time matters and everything you do for them is because you choose to do it and is not a must. This teaches them to appreciate people around them. It teaches our kids to take time for themselves when they are old. It makes them understand the importance of their emotional well being and how it affects people around them.

  • My memory is compromised:

This is something I didn't want to admit. I thought it was another way of saying I am getting old. So I always swept it under the rug. When I was standing in the kitchen questioning myself. I was not even sure if we bought a box or not. I realized I got to a point I can not deny it anymore. This was important because it helped me make a system to organize myself. I started writing things down on the calendar and setting reminders. I set a reminder for a week before and a reminder for a couple of hours before. A couple of hours is always good in case I had to rush out of the house I would still have time to get the kids ready.

  • I am not the best wife:

This is similar to the original point but not exactly. Me being tired would limit and affect my relationship with my husband. This will take a toll on my emotional well being and my husband's emotional well being. Which would result in either a dry relationship or a volatile one with constant fighting. I want my kids to have a good example of what marriage should be and this is not. I want them to know that marriage is a partnership between two people who love and take the time to understand and support each other. A bad relationship creates a bad nurturing environment. I believe I need to provide the best environment for my kids so they can focus on playing and learning.

  • I love fresh bread too much:

It is scary to me that I did not hesitate for a second before baking dough that was sitting on my kitchen floor for 8 hours. It shows me how much I love bread. This clarified to me that I will probably never be gluten-free. I don't think I am cut out for it. Also, losing weight might be a bigger challenge than I had hoped for. 

  • Creativity:

I never considered myself to be creative. I always wished I was. I look at cotton candy and always wonder. How do you look at plain granulated sugar and decide to make beautiful fluffiness?. I can not even begin to imagine how beautiful a person's mind needs to be to make such a beautiful thing. My croissant cake is not nearly as impressive as cotton candy but it is a step in the right direction. It was a proud moment for me. Creativity is something I hope would teach my kids to think outside the box. Kids mimic their parents a lot and hopefully if they see me not being conventional all the time. They will learn that they can too. They can use their tools they are given in a lot more than what they were made for.

Everything that makes me stop and think about my life and how I can improve it is a big moment for me. These moments is how I will break out of the routine and how I will re-evaluate my parenting technique and make sure I am on the right track.

Motherhood affected my memory a lot but compensated me with some creative thinking and two beautiful amazing boys. They light my life every day and make me thrive to be a better person by trying to be a better parent.

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