Joe is Growing up (Part 1)

Joe is Growing up (Part 1)

I see Joe growing so fast every day. He went from his first word to making his first pun joke to the "why?" phase in no time. I thought I'd put down some of what he has been saying or doing before I get distracted with life and start to forget these precious moments.

His first Pun Joke:

Joe went through a week where he would pretend he was a worm and would try to move like one as he sang wiggly worm. He was also having a hard time with the toothpaste I was using for him. He kept complaining its spicy. I kept buying him different brands until he finally liked one and loved to use it. He always wants to put a little toothpaste on his finger and lick it to point out that it is not spicy.

One night as we are getting ready for bed I put some toothpaste on his brush.

He looks up at me and says:" Rita, is it hot (meaning is it spicy)?".

Me:" No, it is not hot. It could be a little warm." At the time I didn't realize what he meant by the word hot.

He looks at me smile and says:" warm? wiggly worm?" and he starts laughing on his own. He totally knew that he made a joke.


We went to visit my sister recently. She lives in Montreal. she wanted to make Joe a little birthday since it is so close to his actual birthday. We spent few hours making his a specialized Paw Patrol cake. I did not understand why custom cakes were so expensive. Now, I do and I will happily pay for it with no complaints. They are so much work and very time-consuming.

After we finished the cake we decorated a little and called him for his party. We sang and ate cake. We took pictures and gave him gifts. He was really happy and excited. He was such a sweetheart and shared his gifts with his little brother and his cousin. It was time for bed, as we started to get ready he hugs the gifts and says: " Rita, I love my gifts. I love them all". I was so happy to hear him say that. We continued to get ready and when I told him its time to sleep he pretended to sleep and said: "Rita, I sleep khhhhhh meh meh meh".  At the time, I just thought it was cute and didn't understand the source of the "meh meh meh". Later, he explained to me that rubble from Paw Patrol sleeps like that.

The next day we go out for dinner and they give us these ketchup packets. Joe loves ketchup too much. he tries to lick it off the little white cups you get at a fast food restaurant. We get home and I am trying to change him but his pockets were full. I got weirded out and asked him what he had in there. He looked at me and said:" Ketchup". He said as if it was obvious. I asked Abe if he helped him stuff them in his pockets. Abe said he thought it was me. It seems Joe took them for a late night snack.


We read a story about food and they had mentioned a food truck in it. Joe was obsessed. All he wanted was to eat at a food truck. These are not easy to find in April in the suburbs. Joe goes to gymnastics on Tuesdays. After his class, we went to get food from a food truck. I had finally found one that parks in front of Canadian Tire. We got the food and went for a haircut. I had to make sure I take him to cut his hair as soon as possible. I have been talking to him about cutting his hair for a while. Every time we get to the plaza he would tell me that he is not ready to get it cut. That day he woke up and said that he is ready now. After cutting his hair we went to Superstore to get groceries. As he was running ahead he blocked a lady's way. He yells sorry and keeps running. I stopped him to let him know that what he did made the lady very happy. Needless to say, the rest of the time shopping he is running and yelling sorry sorry.

On our way home I said:" Joe did you have fun with me today? because I had fun with you".

He said:" yeah. Great".I said: " Sorry I can't hear you".

He gives me such a frown and raises his tone and says:" That's great I said".

I had to stop him at that point! it is too soon for attitude. I am not ready for that phase yet. I am barely handling the terrible threes.

Right now, Joe is in the "why" phase. Everything I say or ask him to do I always get a "why" and my answer is always followed by him ask "why?"  again.

Joe always knows how to make me smile. He has times that drive me crazy, like the time I was in Superstore and gave him a cookie. He was sitting in his stroller and I was enjoying myself shopping. I was naive then. I looked at him and he had made the cookie into crumbs and was throwing crumbs on the floor. He was reenacting Hensel and Gretel. He was worried he was going to lose his way back home. I can not even explain how mad I was especially with bill hungry and screaming his heart out.

What's the worst your kids did vs the sweetest story?

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