Little Pookie

Little Pookie

It’s a really nice collection. It’s fun and silly. Joe really likes it and always demands we read all 5 books. We originally bought 2 stories separate but Joe kept asking for the rest. So we bought the “Big Box of Little Pookie” which has 6 stories. 

Let's Dance Little Pookie:

Little Pookie dances with his mom. They hop, march, shimmy, and take a bow at the end. Joe does it with them until we get to taking a bow. He refuses to do it. Apparently, only princesses take a bow. He has been watching a lot of Mario lately.

What's Wrong Little Pookie:

Little Pookie is upset and the mom tries to know why he is sad. I like the way it is done. It is very creative. We role play in this story. Joe takes the Pookie parts and I read the mothers.

Spooky Pookie:

Little Pookie is looking for a Halloween costume that he likes. The nice thing about this story is it teaches concepts like itchy, tight and hot.

Little Pookie:

The mother mentions 10 things she knows about Pookie. I tend to tell Joe 10 things about him when we read it. Also, Joe helps me count the numbers.

Happy Birthday, Little Pookie:

Little Pookie is excited about his birthday and the family makes a day of it. 

Night Night Little Pookie:

This story can help you establish a nice bedtime routine. Little Pookie hides from his mom couple of time as they are getting ready. He is also creative with his PJs wearing the top of one and the bottom of another. For some reason, Joe refuses to try that. He likes his PJ's to match.


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