Think About

Think About

This is a nice educational book collection. Joe really enjoys them and always circles back to them. They have different subjects.

The stories usually start by asking if a certain animal can do a certain action. E.g Does a bear wear boots? Then it starts talking about clothes in a general manner. The stories always end with a question for the kids. Giving them something think about or something to talk about. They are written in a simple way and are targeted towards 3-6 years old kids. Ever since we read the one about food Joe has been requesting to eat at a food truck. They are worth a read. 

Think about how everyone keeps healthy:

The story starts by asking if certain animals go to the doctor. Then it goes on to mention domestic animals and how their doctor is called a veterinarian. It mentions farm animals and zoo also get treated by vets. Then the story moves on to human doctors and how they use certain tools to help them diagnose. Finally, It goes over what the doctor checks for on the yearly checkup.

This about how teeth stay healthy:

(Sorry, we do not own this. I found out about this when I was looking for links to the other stories.)

Think about how everyone sees: 

The story starts by asking if certain animals wear glasses. It mentions that goats have rectangular pupil and butterfly fish have 2 fake eyes on its back. Worms don't have eyes but scallops have 100 eyes. All information I did not know. Then it talks about ophthalmologist. It moves on to mention different types of glasses. then there is a page about blind people. Finally, It mentions other inventions used to help vision.

Think about how everyone uses tools:

The story starts by asking if certain animals use hammers. It talks about how gulls drop clams on rooks to open them. It mentions how the cow has hooves and the octopus is soft with no hard parts so they can't use tools. It moved to man and the first tools made. The story mentions some of the tools man-made. It even mentions some kitchen tools.

Think about how everyone gets food:

The story starts by asking if certain animals can cook. It mentions that bears eat meat they don't cook and that camels can go for a month without food. The story moves to talking about human food. How different cultures eat different foods. Humans get different foods from the grocery store while animals eat what they find in the wild. It talks about how people can get food in different ways by shopping online. hunting or farming.

Think about how everyone learns: 

The story starts by asking if certain animals go to school. It gives some reasons why they don't go. Either because they can not sit and listen to a story or they can not put the backpack in the cubby. Then it goes into more details about chimps. How they can learn certain things but they still can't go to school. It mentions a lot of reasons why they cant go to school.

Think about how everyone wears:

The story starts by asking if certain animals wear clothes. It mentions how polar bear has patted feet while musk ox has thick fur. Then it goes to diapers and how when babies grow up they start using the toilet. The story talks about different types of winter clothes. Then different clothes for work, play or special occasions.

Think about where everyone sleeps:

The story starts by asking if certain animals sleep in a bed. A baboon sleeps on different trees while a beaver sleeps in a lodge. The horse sleeps standing up while bees sleep in different places. Then the story moves on to human beds. It mentions different types of kids beds and adult beds.

It has good information for the kids to wonder about and understand that different animals have different capabilities.

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