Islamic/Ramadan stories for Kids

Islamic/Ramadan stories for Kids

Joe loves reading a lot. We read about 3 stories before bed daily. I was looking into some nice books to start introducing him to the concept of Islam and Ramadan. These are the ones I like and he seems to enjoy. They are written nicely. Ramadan is almost here so it the perfect time to get them excited for this holy month.

My Special Angels, The Two Noble Scribes:


This is one of my absolute favorites. I really love to read this story to my kids. My son enjoys looking at the pictures. He tries to tell me the story through them. It talks about having 2 angles watching you. One to write the good deeds and one for the bad ones. The angel on the right gets happy when you do something good. It shows examples of good deeds. As for the angle on the left. He gets sad when you do something bad. So to make him happy you need to apology. In the end, it introduces the concept of Jannah.


This book has short stories about different prophets. It is written in a simple way. Easy to understand. We are 80% into the book. We make a point to read a story every day. Each story is about 10 pages but they are not full pages, Just a few lines. Some of the Prophet it mentions are:

  1. Prophet Hud عليه سلام
  2. Prophet Ibrahim عليه سلام
  3. Prophet Yusuf عليه سلام
  4. Prophet Shuayb  عليه سلام
  5. Prophet Yunus عليه سلام
  6. Prophet Uzayr عليه سلام
  7. Prophet Isa عليه سلام
  8. Prophet Musa عليه سلام 
  9. Prophet Sulayman عليه سلام

Some stories are divided into smaller stories. When I get to a part where people didn't listen to the prophet, Joe says:" and Allah got mad". He started enjoying and understanding the concept of having consequences as well as being introduced to Islamic stories.

5 Pillars of Islam:


This book is very simple and short. It has each pillar on a page. I think it nice to have as a reminder of the 5 pillar of Islam. The book does not explain them in details.  It has a couple of lines underneath each pillar, briefly talking about. It was a nice introduction to explain certain concepts to my kids. I thought it was a nice way to get them interested in what the 5 pillars are and in starting a conversation about them. Also, If they forgot one its a nice source to have. 


It is one of the ones I really enjoy reading to my kids. I like the transition and the one on one she has with her father towards the end of the day. It is a story about a girl who watches her family fasting the first day of Ramadan. She does not understand what is happening but happy with the family gathering together. She sits down with her father and asks him about the day. He explains to her about the month of Ramadan and the reason we fast. She decides to try and fast the next day.

It's Ramadan, Curious George:


Its Kareem's first Ramadan. He is trying to fast for the first time and George is supporting him. After they break their fast, they go the mosque and pray. At the mosque, they prepare food baskets to share with others. Then they watch the moon and celebrate eid the next day.

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